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CalmFocus for Students

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"CalmFocus consistently helps my students settle down and and be prepared for the lessons of the day."

- Thomas Bakken, teacher for thirty years

CalmFocus Centering

for kids and Students of All Ages

A simple and effortless guided meditation, created especially for younger people and students of all ages, to help with clarity and focus for learning.

Simply by closing our eyes and settling down for a few minutes, we naturally can experience more calm and concentration in all areas of our life.

Created by Thomas Bakken, a teacher for over thirty years, with a Masters Degree in Special Education. 

What our customers are saying

"CalmFocus really works!

I really feel more calm and clear afterwards. Thanks!"

- Marie James, Student, Blaine, WA

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Clarity & Focus

A guided centering technique, that is a simple, yet powerfully effective way to reconnect to that calm center we all have inside of ourselves.

By experiencing a few minutes of quiet reconnection, we can have surprising calm, clarity and focus for the rest of the day.

Thomas, with his wife Traysiah, have created

CalmFocus Centering to help students have the best experience possible with their education.

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