Clean Green Eating

Plant-Based to Feel Great!

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Clean Green Eating

Plant-Based To Feel Great!

Clean Green Eating is a fresh new approach to food.

It's a simple, all natural way of looking at food as pure, clean fuel for our bodies - what our human systems are designed to digest.

We explore eating food that is closest to its whole original state, so that our bodies can recognize and digest it properly and joyfully.

Clean Green Eating also guides us in paying more attention to how we feel after we eat, not just how food tastes when we're eating it.

By eating fresh, natural, conscious food, that truly nourishes our body, it allows us to feel vibrantly alive and healthy.

The recipes explore delicious ways to enjoy a wonderful fresh plant-based diet. All recipes are Vegan, organic, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low carb, & non-processed.

It is a scrumptious, bountiful & abundant way to nourish our body & soul.

"Traysi and Tom have welcoming spirits and a talent for making healthy food taste wonderful!"

- Reverend Blake Isaac, Director of Questhaven Retreat, San Marcos, CA

Here are some of our favorite recipes from the Book


"We love to create food that nourishes the body and soul."

- Traysiah and Thomas

“Let food be thy medicine and

medicine be thy food.”

- Hippocrates