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"For me, this has truly been a lifeline! It is a safe place where I can come and recharge."

- Leticia N., San Mateo, WA

Online Community

We have a wonderful online conscious community, that started with our regular Zoom group meditations. This expanded to include classes, book readings, plant-based food preparation, and crystal bowl sound baths.

Now we have a joyful, hearted-centered community of souls from around the world, that come together to meditate, learn, explore, cook, uplift and inspire each other.

We invite you to join us for our free Zoom meditations and see if this is a community where your soul feels at home. See below for information on how to join the meditations.

We are now offering a variety of classes every week. 

Come and join us, to uplift your spirit and enliven your soul.

With Appreciation and Love,

Traysi and Tom

"The sense of spiritual community that we get here, 

helps me not to be so afraid of my own darkness."

- Kathie W., Bellingham, WA

Online Group Meditation

Come and join our live online Zoom

Group Meditations 

four mornings per week.

Deep Peace MeditationA guided meditation, 

that effortlessly leads our mind beyond our busy thoughts, to experience our own place of deep peace within.

We offer meditations every -

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday mornings


8:00am PST 

Click the Button at these Times to Join the Group Meditation

Join Group Meditation on Zoom

"When a group of meditators are established, they not only create brainwave coherence for themselves, but also create improved coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole population."

- World Peace Group

"The online group meditation has been a constant centering experience. I am so grateful to Tom and Traysi."

- Nancy V., Blaine, WA


For Your Generous Donation!

We So Appreciate Your Support!

We love sharing the online meditations and other programs with you. And we are so grateful for any support that we receive.

You will have the option of sharing one time, or donating on a monthly basis. Whatever your heart tells you to do, is the best for everyone.

With all our love,

Traysi and Tom

“Your spiritual practice is about remembering who and what you are.”

- Michael B. Beckwith