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“Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind to be quiet, but about experiencing the quiet that is already there.”

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

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Deep Peace MeditationA guided meditation, 

that effortlessly leads our mind beyond our busy thoughts, to experience our own place of deep peace within.

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"For me, this has truly been a lifeline! It is a safe place where I can come and recharge."

- Leticia N., San Mateo, WA

Deep Peace Meditation

A guided meditation that effortlessly leads our mind to settle down and go beyond our busy thoughts, to experience our own place of deep peace within.

"The online group meditation has been a constant centering experience. I am so grateful to Tom and Traysi."

- Nancy V., Blaine, WA


To Discover Our Own Peace

Why Meditate?

What if... 

...we all have a place at the core of our selves, that is always calm, quiet and peaceful. 

And at this quiet core, is an infinite source of wellbeing, clarity, joy and deep peace.

And what if, by simply closing our eyes and sitting quietly, we can explore this place within, and have direct access to this infinite resource of peace and wellbeing at our essence. 

Not only to have this experience during meditation, but  to bring it back into our daily life experience.

Deep Peace Meditation is specifically created for this purpose. To effortlessly guide our mind past our busy thoughts, to discover and explore our own profound place of peace, that we all have waiting within our selves. 

By doing so, we dip into our own infinite source of calm, clarity, contentment, harmony and joy, and naturally enliven these more in our daily life. 

What our customers are saying

"The true purpose of meditation isn't to get away from it all, but to get in touch with 'the all'. To find the source of all peace, joy, creativity and wholeness."

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

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Beyond Our Thoughts, Effortlessly

There are many types of meditation. Deep Peace Meditation is a guided, mantra meditation technique, that originated from the ancient Vedic wisdom of India, just like Yoga, and has been adapted for our modern, western lifestyle.

We don't have to try to "control" our thoughts or "empty our mind" with this meditation. Wise sages of India discovered long ago that using a pure vibrational sound, or mantra, (we call it a Centering Sound) for meditation, gives the mind a focus beyond our everyday constant thoughts, so we can effortlessly experience our own silence within. 

Mantra means 'mind vehicle', and it works much like a submarine diving down into the ocean. It gently guides our mind below the busy surface waves of our endless thoughts, and descends to deeper and deeper levels of our awareness, to our quiet pure essence, where it is always still and peaceful, like at the bottom of the ocean.

Deep Peace Meditation is a guided version of this mantra meditation, that incorporates other powerful modalities to  enhance the relaxation and depth of the meditation experience. Such as - affirmations, guided imagery and delta brain-wave vibrational sound.

Benefits of Meditation

Years of scientific research and studies have confirmed that meditation offers a 

surprising variety of benefits for our whole mind/body/spirit system. 

(See links to research articles at the bottom.)

Here are just a few benefits that meditation has been shown to offer:

Overall Health

- Calms our nervous system

- Releases stress from our mind and body

- Deeply relaxes our mind and body

- Rejuvenates our whole system at a deep level

- Helps to improve sleep

- Slows down the aging process

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For Our Body

- Lowers blood pressure

- Lowers heart-rate

- Lowers stress hormones

- Lowers inflammation levels 

- Boosts the immune system

- Assists in the healing process

- Releases beneficial hormones that help with longevity and rejuvenation

For Our Mind

- Relaxes and calms our mind 

- When the mind is calm, we can learn more easily 

- Improves clarity of mind and memory 

- Lengthens attention span

- Helps with focus and concentration

- Opens access to more creativity, fresh ideas and solutions

- Has been shown to help with ADHD 


For Our Emotions

- Reminds us of a sense of peace and calm

- Enhances a feeling of well-being and contentment

- Assists with balancing emotional ups and downs

- Helps to improve positive outlook on life

- Helps to sooth feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression

- Has been shown to help with PTSD 

For Our Spirit

- Reconnects us to a deeper part of our self - our true essential nature

- At this deeper level, we experience a sense of calm, serenity and peace 

- By reconnecting with this level, we naturally enliven more acceptance, compassion and kindness

- We are reminded of our deeper purpose and connection to something beyond our individual self

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For Opening Awareness

- By reconnecting to our essential nature, we may start to awaken a more expanded sense of self-awareness 

- We may realize that we are much more than this individual body/mind

- We may notice that we are connected to all of creation

- We may become aware of the wholeness and oneness of our true nature

What our customers are saying

"There's no greater discovery, than stumbling upon 

the vast silence and peace, that lies within our self."

- Traysiah Spring.

- T. Bakken

More About Benefits

Meditation is a simple, yet profoundly effective way to bring more balance, upliftment and peace to all aspects of our life.

Science has confirmed, through years of research that meditation has measurable results. It has been shown to release stress, lower blood pressure, lower levels of inflammation. As well as, boost the immune system, slow down the aging process, improve sleep and uplift a sense of emotional wellbeing, among many other benefits. (See links to research articles below.)

There have been many studies done on people that have meditated for many years, that often display a deeper sense of calm, contentment, connectedness, compassion and peacefulness.

How can simply closing our eyes and being quiet for a while, have such a beneficial effect on our entire mind, body, emotional and spirit system?

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Well, let's go back to looking at the peaceful place at the core our selves.

In recent years, science has discovered that we are pure energy at our essence. Our physical bodies, at the subatomic level, are actually tiny particles of energy moving around in vast empty space. And at this fundamental level, lies the greatest potential of power.

Other scientific studies, using EEG machines (electroencephalogram) have shown that our minds broadcast constant energetic frequencies that can be measured. Confirming that our minds are also fundamentally made of energy.

These discoveries are in-line with what ancient awakened sages have been passing down for thousands of years - that we are a pure energetic field of awareness at our core. And at this pure level of awareness, lies the greatest potential source of our own life-force, joy, creativity, wellbeing and peace.

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Because we are fundamentally energy at our core, meditation can have a powerful overall effect, because it works at this subtle energetic level.

EEG machines have consistently shown, that meditation changes our brain wave frequencies. As we meditate, we go from waking state brain waves - Beta - to the relaxed awareness state of brain waves - Alpha - where deep rejuvenation and stress release can take place. 

And meditation can take us even deeper, to Theta and Delta brain wave states, where it has been shown to allow for even more profound rest and re-balancing, including releasing beneficial hormones and slowing the aging process.

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How can simply closing our eyes and being quiet for a while, have such a beneficial effect on our entire mind, body, emotional and spirit system?

It is simple. We all have a place of pure silence and energy within our self, that is a natural source of peace, wellbeing, and so much more. And the most efficient way to access this inner subtle place, is by allowing our self to be still and inward for a while. Then we can effortlessly experience profound rejuvenation, reconnection and rebalancing in all aspects of our life.

Deep Peace Meditation, is an easy, yet powerful technique, to dive down and access this fundamental energetic level of our self, where we each have an infinite supply of joy, wellbeing, calm, clarity and deep peace.

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We invite you to try it and explore it for yourself. 

Here is a recorded version of Deep Peace Meditation.

Please Enjoy. 

Deep Peace Meditation

What our customers are saying

“Silence is the great teacher. There is no substitute for the knowledge that comes from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.”

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

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