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Meditation in the Park

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"You find peace,

not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,

but by realizing who you are, at the deepest level."

- Eckhart Tolle

- T. Bakken

Upcoming Event -

Meditation in the Park

Birch Bay State Park - Wildlife Theater

Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 10:00 am

Are you ready to relax, de-stress, 

and have a moment of peace?

Come and join us for a free

 Guided Group Meditation

in the silence of the trees

“Deep Peace Meditation” 

No meditation experience required – fully guided.

After the seated meditation, 

we will have a walking meditation in the trees. 

Bring a seat cushion and blanket, if you wish.

Come and experience a little inner peace in the park

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Deep Peace Meditation

Maps & Directions -

Birch Bay State Park

5105 Helweg Rd, Blaine, WA 98230

Directions to the Wildlife Theater

  • From the front entrance to the park - stay on Helweg Rd, go past the turn-off's for the campsites. The Wildlife Theater is a little further ahead, on your right.
  • Drive from the beach area - drive to the one-lane bridge at the south entrance of the park. Follow this main road up past the rest rooms. The Wildlife Theater is on your left, next to the basketball court and before the turn-off's to the campsites.
  • Walk from the beach area - walk across one of the foot bridges that go from the main beach area, to the forested part of the park. Walk to the main road - Helweg Rd that runs through the interior of the park. Then depending on which foot bridge you took, walk south of the campsites and north of the southern entrance. The Wildlife Theater is next to the basketball court.