​"In order to form 

a more Conscious and Compassionate union."


"Let's meditate together to bring more harmony and coherence to

the Soul of America."

- Traysi & Tom

OneNation Meditation

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for powerful online Group Meditations

to help bring more coherence and harmony to our country. 

When we meditate in a group, the experience of peace and harmony is exponentially more powerful, not only for our selves, but for the environment around us. 

OneNation Meditation uses a timeless technique, that effortlessly guides our mind beyond our thoughts, to experience our own place of peace within.

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Starting September 4, 2020

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When a group of meditators are established, 

they not only create brainwave coherence for themselves, 

but also create improved coherence in the collective consciousness 

of the whole population."

- World Peace Group

The Power of Group Meditation

Many studies have shown, that when large groups of people meditate together, there is an influence of positivity and coherence in the social and natural environment. (The Maharishi effect -

I was part of a grand experiment in 1993, where 4,000 people came together to meditate in Washington, DC, to see if it would have an effect on the violent crime rate in the city. (See photo. I am about half way up to the right. Can you see me?)

After two months of our large group meditating together at a local university campus, the crime rates went down by 23%. This was measured by a 27-member project review board, that included criminologists, the local police department and the government. (More information on this experiment - )

I saw for myself, the powerful effect that group meditation can have on the world around us.

(More info on group meditation)

“Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind to be quiet, but about experiencing the quiet that is already there.”

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

Join us 

to help bring more harmony and coherence to the nation.


A Place of Peace Within

I, Traysi,  have been meditating for 46 years, and I have never missed a day. Because I experienced early on, that meditation is a simple, yet powerful tool to reconnect to a limitless source of quiet and calm within myself. 

And from this place of quiet and calm, I could recharge and rejuvenate, bringing this sense of calm and peace back into my daily experience. It is my secret weapon for a more harmonious, fulfilling and joyful life.

I also learned over the years, that we all have this place of peace and calm within ourselves. This place is just waiting there for all of us to visit and reconnect.

OneNation Meditation uses a timeless technique that gently guides are awareness beyond our thoughts, to experience our own place of quiet and peace within. 

When we meditate in a group, even at a distance, this stirs the peace and silence even more, and enhances everyone's meditation experience, as well as, enlivens coherence and harmony in the environment.

“If enough people were collectively experiencing and stimulating this fundamental powerful field of peace within, there would be a radiated influence of peace, that would affect the behavior of people throughout society.”  

- Dr. John Hagelin, Harvard trained Quantum Physicist

Your Meditation Guides

Traysiah Spring & Thomas Bakken

Traysi and Tom have both had their lives completely transformed and uplifted by meditation. It is a simple, yet immensely powerful way to explore and access your own source of peace, joy and wellbeing.

Born in Canada, Traysi has been meditating for over 46 years and studied with spiritual masters for most of her life. Tom was a teacher in Minnesota for over 30 years, with a Master's Degree in Education. He brought meditation to "at risk" youth at a Juvenile Correctional Facility. 

Between them, they have over 76 years of experience in meditation, holistic healing and teaching.

(More Detailed Bio)

Traysi and Tom are certified meditation instructors with Dr. Deepak Chopra. They worked with Dr. Chopra and led group meditations for years, at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, San Diego, CA. 

For many years, they have been teaching and leading group meditations at events and centers, all over North America. 

They now focus on teaching classes and leading group meditations online, all over the world.

"We are at a crossroads in our nation right now,

when we can choose to be more kind or more cruel."

- Thomas Bakken


What people are saying about Traysi & Tom

Kathy Sitker, Director of the Blaine Senior Center

January 15, 2019

"Traysi and Tom were amazing and inspiring meditation instructors at our Center. I always felt so peaceful and clear after their meditations. They were so generous to give their time to teach here."

- Kathy Sitker, Director of the Blaine Senior Center, Blaine, WA

More Testimonials

Debra Poneman, Yes to Success Seminars 

"Tom and Traysi are the best of the best! They are excellent teachers, speakers and even entertainers!

- Debra Poneman, Founder and President, Yes to Success Seminars 

Rene Ringnalda, The Chopra Center

January 15, 2019

"Traysi and Tom are such knowledgeable and inspiring facilitators. They are always willing to help and guide you. I highly recommend attending their events!"

- Rene Ringnalda - Chopra Center Educator, The Chopra Center, San Diego, CA 

"Believe it or not, there are studies that prove the existence of a ripple effect of peace in the surrounding environment, when a group meditates together."

- Kathryn Remati, Yoga International

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"Let's work together in consciousness to bring more  

coherence and harmony to the Soul of America."